Aikido is a Japanese Budo (martial art) based on principles of blending with your attacker and neutralizing aggression.

What is Aikido?

The word Aikido has its roots in the Japanese words Aiki (harmonizing mind, body and energy) and Do (a way, a practice for self-realization). It is sometimes called the Peaceful Way, as it is based on principles of blending with and redirecting an attacker’s force, regaining balance and neutralizing aggression. Aikido, a Japanese Budo (martial art) developed by Prof. Morihei Ueshiba in the early 1900s, is derived from traditional martial arts like Jujutsu (free-hand techniques) and Kenjutsu (sword techniques) and ultimately trains the practitioner in dealing with multiple attackers as well as in resolving conflict without harm.


Body Arts

Aikido training in our traditional, rigorous style, is martial. We cultivate focus, and discipline on the path of self-mastery. Ultimately, this art is a way of unifying body, mind and energy as well as growing an awareness of the interrelationships between self, others and the world. On a practical level, our techniques “work” very effectively, and we train in a manner to protect and preserve our fellow students in pursuit of this art at the highest levels.

Whether you are new to aikido and interested in studying its foundations, or if you have some experience and would like to deepen your practice at Front Range Aikikai, contact us to get started.



Weapons training is a key element of our approach. We offer basic and advanced training in bokken (wooden sword), jyo (staff) and tanto (knife). The use of weapons catalyzes focus, a sense of urgency, and improved precision in body movement and application of force. Weapons become an extension of the self, transforming students’ awareness of their body/mind and influence on their environment.


Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido is the art of the Japanese sword.


What is Iaido?

We teach Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido in the lineage of H. Nakayama Shihan. Okuyama Sensei is 6th Dan and Shihan (grand master) and the only long-term student of Mitsuzuka Shihan, the last student of Nakayama Shihan, teaching in the United States. Students who have trained diligently in Aikido for a year can apply for the study of Iaido. Iaido equipment must be approved by the instructors prior to class.

Class Schedule
5:30pm–6:15pm Aikido
6:15pm–7:00pm Weapons
7:15–8:15 Iaido

12–12:45pm Aikido
12:45pm–1:30pm Weapons

9am–10am Iaido
10:15am–11:00am Aikido
11:00-11:45am Weapons

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Diversity, Inclusion & Ethics
Front Range Aikikai values diversity and inclusivity. Our goal is provide a safe, professional atmosphere that values individuals of different ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. This enriches our training and our lives, both on and off the mat. In our dojo, instructors have the responsibility to demonstrate high ethical standards and foster a positive learning environment for student growth.

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